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On-line counselling guide

How do you feel about your pregnancy? What do you do next?

Whether your pregnancy was completely unplanned, or whether it was planned but your situation has changed, having mixed feelings about a pregnancy is confusing and stressful.

We hope that this interactive guide, which has been developed by a Marie Stopes International (MSI) counsellor, will help you decide what to do. This guide has been designed to help you understand your feelings; your answers to the questions below will not be seen by anyone apart from you.

It won't tell you whether or not you should have an abortion and it isn't a substitute for talking things over with someone you trust: a partner, close friend, family member, doctor or trained counsellor.

It is a first step in thinking about your choices - something that you can do in a private moment to help you analyse your feelings.

Whatever you decide, there are three things you need to be sure of:

  • you have support, someone you can talk to honestly and openly
  • you have made the decision yourself, not anyone else
  • you have thought ahead

As you read through the questions, click to select what you feel are the most appropriate answers for your situation. Take as long as you need and go back to change an answer if you wish.

1. Was this a planned pregnancy?

2. When you discovered you were pregnant, what were your initial feelings? (Click on all boxes all that apply)

3. How do you feel now? (Click on all that apply)

4. Are you in a relationship at the moment?
Which statement best describes your relationship?

5. Do you want to have a child with your current partner?

6. If no, do you feel OK about having a child on your own?

7. Do you feel your family and friends will support you?



8. If you don't have this support, do you feel you can cope with the pregnancy and having a child on your own?

9. Do you have someone you can talk to honestly and openly about your situation and how your feeling?

10. How do you feel about having a child? (Click on all that apply)

11. How do you feel about having an abortion? (click all that apply)

If you are mainly concerned about physical aspects of the abortion, click here to download our leaflet: Abortion - your questions answered

12. Do you and your partner feel the same about you continuing with the pregnancy?

13. Are you concerned that having a child would make it difficult to form new relationships in the future?

14. If you continue the pregnancy are you concerned about the effect it will have on your future career?

15. If you decide to have an abortion, how do you think you will feel afterwards?

Post-abortion counselling is also available at MSI.

16. Do you think having an abortion will affect your relationship? (Click on any that apply)

That is the end of the guide

If you want to go through the questions again and have another think about your answers, please do so - take as long as you need.

When you feel you have thought about all the questions enough, please click the Submit button.

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