Meet our vasectomy heroes

Vasectomy is a safe, simple and permanent method of contraception chosen by millions of men worldwide. Despite this however, many men worry about vasectomy and the after effects of the procedure.

Here, five men - our vasectomy heroes - give an honest account of their experience of having a vasectomy at a Marie Stopes clinic in an effort to reassure other men who might be considering it. Read on for more details...

Peter took a long time to decide to have a vasectomy after hearing a lot of myths about the procedure, here he talks about his decision to go ahead and how he discovered one of his biggest worries, was in his own words, 'unfounded rubbish'. Read Peter's story here...

Chris, 51

Project Manager

Chris had been thinking about vasectomy for a while but finally made the decision to have one after a romantic evening for two didn’t quite go as planned. Chris says the process he went through was similar to giving blood... only with one noticeable difference! Read Chris' story here

Tony, 39

Avionics Engineer

Tony thought about having a vasectomy for two years before booking an appointment with his GP. Here he describes his 'surreal experience' and the ironic post treatment snack he was served. Read Tony's story here

Bennett, 35

Senior Manager

Bennett and his wife started to think about permanent contraception after his wife had her third caesarean with their third child. Here he talks about how useful he found the information provided by Marie Stopes as he hadn’t ever spoken to anyone who has had the procedure... Read Bennett's story here

Ian, 47

Flooring technician

Ian decided to have a vasectomy so his partner could stop using contraception and after deciding that he didn’t want any children. He was amazed at how easy the whole process was and at how quickly he recovered from the procedure. He has also discovered more than he initially knew about his friends! Read Ian's story here

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