News Article14/10/2007

MSI convenes first-ever Global Safe Abortion Conference

London, 22 October – More than 700 public health experts, government representatives and women’s advocates from 52 countries will gather in London this week for the Marie Stopes Global Safe Abortion Conference.

This first-ever conference dedicated specifically to the issue of unsafe abortion will seek to build momentum around international efforts to reduce the unacceptable toll unsafe abortion has on women’s lives. Millions of women suffer severe injuries and more than 66,000 die needlessly each year from abortions that are self-induced or procured unsafely from unskilled providers, almost all in developing countries.

Conference speakers include Bert Koenders, the Netherlands’ Minister for Development Cooperation; Prof. Fred Sai of Ghana; Dr Eunice Brookman-Amissah, former health minister of Ghana and Ipas Vice- President for Africa; Jon O'Brien, President of Catholics for a Free Choice; Dr Akinrinola Bankole of the Guttmacher Institute; and Marie O'Riordan, editor of the influential UK Marie Claire magazine.

The Conference, in association with Ipas and Abortion Rights, will take place at the QEII Conference Centre in London between 23-24 October. For more information please visit


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