News Article13/09/2010

Make Women Matter campaign launched

Pregnant Ugandan woman
London - Every day, an alarming number of communities are losing mothers, wives, daughters, sisters and friends. Most of these deaths are preventable, all that's needed is access to family planning and high quality healthcare.

Make Women Matter is a campaign, developed by Marie Stopes International in conjunction with the EC, which highlights the need to improve the lives of women around the world and to put an end to preventable deaths that are the result of pregnancy and childbirth.

Make Women Matter brings you five inspirational films told through the personal experiences of women in Sierra Leone, Bangladesh, South Africa and Uganda. Each film offers a unique insight into the life and death challenges faced by girls and women in poorer countries.

The films emphasize the importance of Millennium Development Goal 5 (MDG 5), which aims to improve maternal health, reducing by three quarters the maternal mortality ratio and achieving universal access to reproductive health, by 2015. The Make Women Matter films show that through simple interventions women can take control of their health, and that with sustained political support this goal can be achieved.

We're encoraging everyone to show that they want to Make Women Matter...

Act, there are five ways you can take action:
  1. Watch, download and share the films
  2. Follow the Make Women Matter campaign on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube
  3. Add Make Women Matter to your website/blog
  4. Send a postcard to your friends, MEP or teacher about Make Women Matter so that they can learn about the issues and get involved
  5. Add your logo to the message board on our website and show your support

Learn, use the Make Women Matter Campaign to: 
  • learn about the countries featured in our five films 
  • learn why MDG 5 is so important 
  • learn that every year approximately 350,000 women die during pregnancy and
  • childbirth, and that almost all of these deaths could be prevented. (The Lancet 2010; 375: 1609–23) 
  • learn that we have the power and we have the solutions to meet MDG 5 and save women’s lives – all we need is the support.


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