News Article28/03/2011

Medical abortion: Getting the help you need

Last week blogger and proud mum, CoffeeCurls, published an article by an anonymous guest author about her decision to have a medical abortion.

Surprised by the lack of options and with time running out, our blogger rang Marie Stopes International where she got the help she needed to make the right decision for her.

Read an extract from CoffeeCurls' blog below

“Having found myself in a position where I wanted to terminate a pregnancy, I was surprised at the lack of available options. It isn’t something I have ever thought about before and I think it’s one of those ‘things’ that I’ve probably pretended doesn’t go on. I have said to friends many a time that ‘I could never have an abortion’.

“After doing a positive test I went to see my doctor. I’d hoped they might bring up the subject of whether or not I wanted to keep the baby but they didn’t. It was an immediate assumption that I did.

“It took me a week to pluck up the courage to phone them back and say that I wanted to know the options for a termination.”

Read the full article on CoffeeCurls’ blog

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