News Article04/06/2009

Murder of Dr George Tiller

George Tiller
George Tiller, a highly respected American doctor who had provided abortion services to women for many years was shot dead on Sunday whilst attending a church service in his home town of Witchita, Kansas.

Marie Stopes International's Dr Kate Worsley, who knew George personally, paid the following tribute:

"I knew George from various meetings over the years, and he was a very gentle and generous man, who had put up with the constant threats against his personal security over many years, in order to provide women with a choice of abortion. He always tried to ensure that abortion services were provided with the upmost respect and care for the women and their partners requesting services.

"He was one of the very few people who provided the later abortions to women that needed them in the States, and as a result of his commitment to providing women with this choice had experienced years of threats against his personal security: he'd been shot and stabbed before; had his clinic bombed, flooded and vandalized; received decades of death threats; wild lawsuits; and was the unfortunate target of conservative media that hounded him. He persisted despite all of this, until yesterday.

"It is particularly shocking to know someone who has been murdered because he was an abortion provider. I think we'd all thought that this kind of violence that had been in the 1990’s in the US had gone away - and was a thing of the past. Unfortunately it seems that it isn’t."


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