Press Article22/07/2010

Protection for sexual health urged

Sexual health campaigners have urged the Government to protect the sector after last week's NHS white paper made no mention of where it would sit in reform plans.

Christine Robinson, president of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health, called on Health Secretary Andrew Lansley to avoid ignoring sexual health services, saying it was of the utmost importance that they remained a priority.

Citing a 2007 Department of Health report, which claimed that £11 was saved for every £1 spent on contraception, Mrs Robison said the move could actually save the Government money.

"GP consortia and local directors of public health must recognise the business case of investing in contraceptive services," she explained.

Others have called for spending on sexual health to be ringfenced, with services being delivered alongside other NHS operations.

British Association of Sexual Health and HIV spokesman Peter Greenhouse said: "Most people in sexual health are epidemiologists, and, with respect, they are better placed to deliver services than GPs."

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