Response to emergency contraception being made available in Wales


12 November, 2010

Response to emergency contraception being made available in Wales

Marie Stopes International welcomes the Welsh Government’s announcement that emergency contraception will be made available for free in more than 700 community pharmacies across Wales.

Janet Pearce Nurse Adviser at Marie Stopes International’s OneCall centre said:

“This is an important step forward in preventing unplanned pregnancies and abortions amongst women in Wales.

“It will be particularly beneficial for low income women and young women who may risk a pregnancy because of the cost associated with the emergency contraceptive pill.

“While emergency contraception is accessible for free via a GP or family planning clinic, women often experience delays in gaining an appointment, may be away from home at the time their contraception fails or may feel uncomfortable about seeking the emergency contraceptive pill from their family GP.

“Making it free over the counter at community pharmacies will make emergency contraception more accessible to all women.

“Access to emergency contraception is important in order to prevent an unplanned pregnancy when a couple’s usual contraceptive method fails. The most effective forms of contraception are long-acting methods, such as the implant or IUD, because they don’t rely on women remembering to take a daily pill. We encourage women to talk to their GP or sexual health nurse about taking up one of these highly effective contraceptive options.

“We would like to see Health Ministers across the United Kingdom follow the progressive lead of Wales and make emergency contraception available free in community pharmacies in order to provide another tool in preventing unplanned pregnancies.”

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Notes to editors
More than 9000 women in Wales had an abortion in 2008

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