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Sperm test results online

Sperm sample testing

After your vasectomy you will have been given a semen sample kit and asked to provide two samples – one at 16 weeks after the procedure and one at 18 weeks. From those samples we test a small amount of the ejaculate, a "representative" sample. The test is to find out is the sample contains sperm and if so, whether they are motile (active) or non motile (inactive) and in what amounts. We do not test your samples for abnormalities.

What the results mean:
Neg No sperm present
Occ Occasional amounts of sperm (1-3 sperm present)
Pos+ Many sperm present
Pos++ Many more sperm present
Pos+++ Pre-vasectomy amounts of sperm present
Inc Inconclusive

The results of each sample should be seen as part of a pattern, not viewed in isolation. We will write to you with the results of each sample.

If your last sample of the pattern (i.e. the last of two or three) is Positive or your results are Positive, Negative then we will need you to provide more samples for testing. You will automatically receive an additional sample kit in the post within seven days of sending off your last sample.

A simple guide to what the patterns represent

  1. If the results of your first two samples are both Negative then we will write to you giving you the all clear as long as:
    • there were 14 days between each sample and
    • you provided the samples at the minimum 16 and 18 weeks after the procedure
  2. If your first two samples are Positive (or Occasional), Negative, you will need to do one more sample. If this is Negative and there are 14 days between the Negative samples then we will write to you giving you the all clear.
  3. If your first two samples are both Positive (or Occasional), or the last one is Positive (or Occasional) you will need to complete two more samples. If these are both Negative and are at least 14 days apart then we will write to you giving you the all clear.

If your samples continue to show sperm present then, depending on the pattern and the amounts, we will, at some point (usually after five Positive (or Occasional) samples) recommend a re-operation. This is carried out Free of Charge.

If you would like any clarification of what your sperm results mean you can contact the Sterilisation Services on 0845 120 3641.

Marie Stopes International will confirm all of your results in writing. To avoid any unwanted pregnancies you must use contraception until you receive your written all clear. Any resulting pregnancies that occur before the written all clear has been given will not be deemed the responsibility of Marie Stopes International.

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