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Cervical screening for women

Many women put off having a cervical smear test but it really isn't something to fear. The test is very simple and it takes just a minute to have one. Regular screening means that any problems can be identified and treated in the early stages before they become too serious. Regular screening has been shown to reduce the risk of cancer by 90%.

It's recommended that all women who are sexually active have regular screening every three years on the NHS, although you can choose to have an annual test at a Marie Stopes International Centre .

We use the latest technology - liquid cytology - which greatly reduces the number of inadequate smears that can occur with conventional screening. This means your results will be more accurate. Cervical cancer has strong links to the human papilloma virus (HPV) and we are able to test for this. We are also able to offer a cervical cancer vaccination to young women. 

How can I make an appointment?  

Marie Stopes International are offering women cervical smear tests at a rate of £79. To arrange an appointment or for more information contact us on 0845 300 0460.

Please note : when making an appointment remember that you cannot be screened during your period. The ideal time is roughly two weeks after the first day of your period - between day 10 and day 16 of your cycle.

Cervical screening - help, information & advice leaflet

Some of the money from the fees people pay in our UK centres goes towards supporting our work in developing countries. Find out more about our work overseas.
If you would like to know more about NHS cervical screening services contact the National Screening Programme.

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