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Human papilloma virus (HPV) tests

HPV tests are available at Marie Stopes International at the time of a cervical smear test using the latest technology – liquid cytology.

HPV is a common virus of which there are many different types. These viruses are sexually transmitted and can affect both men and women although many people will have a virus without knowing as there are often no symptoms. Most of these viruses disappear on their own, without the need of treatment and cause no harm. However, in women, certain HPV types which have been linked to cervical cancer may develop over time.

HPV can appear in the cells of the cervix and in some cases result in an abnormal or unclear cervical smear test result. The HPV test can detect the presence of the virus even before there are visible changes in the cells of the cervix.

While there is no treatment for HPV, a test for it does mean that women at risk of cervical cancer can be identified much earlier and have more regular cervical smears to check the health of the cells.

Cervical cancer vaccinations have also been developed which can help prevent young women from developing cervical cancer. Have a look at our HPV leaflet for more information. 

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