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Are you under 25 and would like a cervical smear test? We are here to help.

Marie Stopes International offer cervical screening to women aged under 25. If you would like to visit us for a private cervical smear test call us on 0845 300 0460 to arrange an appointment at the rate of £79.

A cervical smear test just takes a couple of minutes and is painless. Results at Marie Stopes Centres are fast, back within a few days and we always explain results to you.

For more information about cervical screening have a look at our cervical smear leaflet or visit our cervical screening page.

Please note: Cervical smears are not a test for cancer; they are there to check that everything is healthy and normal and that any cell changes are caught in the very early stages when they are treatable. Smoking and having unprotected sex from an early age, can increase the risk of developing cervical abnormalities.

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