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What is it? An IUS is a small plastic T shaped device (about an inch in size) that is fitted into the uterus. It works like an IUD but  also contains the hormone progestogen, making periods lighter and less painful. 

Advantages: You don't need to think about it once it is in place and it lasts for five years, although it can be taken out sooner. It doesn't interrupt sex and is effective immediately. Periods can become lighter and less painful and may stop altogether. 

Considerations: Offers no protection from sexually transmitted infections/HIV/AIDS. There is a higher risk of infection for women with more than one partner.

Available from? It must be fitted by a doctor. This can be done by your GP, at a family planning clinic or at a Marie Stopes International centre.

How effective? More than 99%, less than one woman in 100 will get pregnant in five years. 

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