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Meet Teresa, a Marie Stopes One Call Nurse Advisor

Teresa is one of our Nurse Advisors at One Call, our specialised call centre based in Bristol.


Where are you from? 

I’ve lived and worked in Bristol my whole life. The Marie Stopes One Call Centre is based in Bristol so I was able to stay close to home for work. I’ve worked for Marie Stopes UK for 7 and a half year now.

What attracted you to nursing?

I just fell into nursing really! I wanted to be air hostess when I was young, so I studied languages at school and then I went to college, but I still wasn’t sure about what to do next. 

My Mum is in care work and I used to help her care for an elderly neighbour. I loved helping her, and ever since I’ve been passionate about nursing and proud of what I do.

What other roles did you have before you joined our team?

Before working for Marie Stopes UK, I worked within the NHS - I still do! I’m part time at Marie Stopes One Call and part time with the NHS.  I like the mixture of clinical, hospital based work and the client support and advice work over the phone at Marie Stopes One Call. The communication skills I have to use in both of my jobs complement each other well. Within my NHS role I work in an intensive care unit, cardiac service, and critical care, so it’s very different. 

Why did you get involved with our charity? 

During my first year placement as a student nurse I was on a gynaecology ward working on termination of pregnancy, miscarriage, and gynaecological procedures. It was this experience that triggered my passion; it was a big learning experience for me.  

The work had a high level of intensity and the women I met were going through such a vulnerable time.

When I moved into my second year of studies this experience from my first year stayed with me. So, when I saw a job vacancy at Marie Stopes UK I knew that I wanted to apply.

I started working at Marie Stopes One Call as a Health Care Assistant whilst I was still a student nurse. I liked the focus on sexual and reproductive health.  

A woman’s ability to have children by choice not chance, that was something that I felt passionate about before and have continued to be ever since.

When I qualified as a registered nurse (and after I came back from maternity leave) I was promoted to the Nurse Advisor role.

Can you describe an average day in the life of a Nurse Advisor at Marie Stopes One Call?

At One Call we cover 24 hour shift patterns with a 6 week rolling rota, we can be rotored to work nights and weekends.

When a GP refers a woman to Marie Stopes UK services it goes through to One Call. The initial consultations with the woman wanting support and appointment information are done over phone. I support the advisors. When a client’s call goes to the Clinical Referral Team, as registered nurses we have our part to play. I collect notes from GPs, follow up with clients, and perform welfare checks and medical checks. I give advice on pre and post abortion care, and guidance on sexual health and contraception.  

It’s important to have empathy for clients and to have an understanding of what they are going through. Most nurses have empathy anyway, but it’s so important on the telephone when all you have is tone of voice and the words you are using. Gut instinct is important as you are speaking to women and men on the phone; you can’t look at body language, you can’t feel their skin. As a nurse you use other skills you build up over time and judge what you think is happening.

We always have good feedback and we have a great team of nurses with lots of experience: 150 years of experience combined!

As a place to work, it’s family friendly. Some people prefer certain shifts because they have family commitments.  I have two children now and I’ve never had a problem changing shift patterns. I can organise shifts to fit family life and my managers are very flexible. Most nurses know shift work is inevitable, but a 24 hour range doesn’t mean you need to work 12 hour days - you can work a variety of shift patterns, such as 6 or 4 hours. 

As well as working at Marie Stopes One Call and in NHS hospitals, I’ve just gone back to university to do a Level 3 qualification sexual health qualification to get specialist practice degree. 

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

I love working for Marie Stopes UK, that’s why I’ve stayed so long! I am passionate about women’s rights. We provide a service for women who need support at a vulnerable time, and we are completely non-judgemental.

Ladies are not always aware that they can go through Marie Stopes for abortion services, or that they can access us via NHS funding. I like the way we work in partnership with the NHS. 

I am so proud of the services we offer. 

I get so much job satisfaction when a woman initially calls us up worried or distressed, but then by the end of the call she says ‘thank you so much’. She needed a reassuring voice and an empathetic ear ; some women have no one to speak to. 

What have been your career highlights? 

Being promoted from a Health Care Assistant to a Nurse Advisor role was a big highlight. I was offered the role once I qualified as a registered nurse because of the way I had been working as an assistant. I was heavily pregnant, but after I came back from maternity leave they said that the role was still available for me. I accepted the job with support from the senior management team and I’m glad it panned out as it did because I’m proud and passionate about my work.

It’s also a highlight for me when I receive flowers and chocolates from clients as a thank you. A lot of younger women in particular find medical abortion quite intense, but they can call One Call whenever they need reassurance. If they are experiencing worrying symptoms we can assess them over the phone and sometimes refer them onto their GPs or Accident and Emergency. Irish women also call for support and advice, and sometimes just need reassurance that what they are experiencing is a normal part of the abortion process.