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This calculator has been designed to give you an idea of the treatment options available to you*. If you decide to have an abortion with Marie Stopes UK, one of our nurses will give a more approximate gestation date during your appointment by way of a scan.
*Please note that this online calculator will only give you an estimated gestation based on the details you have provided.

Please select the first day of your last menstrual period.



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Marie Stopes Belfast Centre - Northern Ireland

The Marie Stopes UK Belfast Centre offers the abortion pill(s) also known as the medical abortion treatment for women in Northern Ireland.

Marie Stopes UK is the only charity which provides the abortion pill(s) in Northern Ireland. Please note that access to this treatment is subject to both Northern Irish Law and a medical assessment. You may not be eligible for this service in Belfast but can travel to our centres in England.

Funded care for Northern Irish women

The government has confirmed that it will fund Northern Irish women who access our services in England, but that funding will not cover consultations or treatment for women at our Belfast clinic.

Find out more about the funding for Northern Irish women travelling to England here.

About our Belfast Clinic

The Marie Stopes UK Belfast Centre is registered with the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA), the independent body responsible for monitoring and inspecting the quality of health and social care services in Northern Ireland.

Address: Marie Stopes Northern Ireland Centre (Belfast), 8th Floor, 14 Great Victoria Street, Belfast, BT2 7BA. 


From Northern Ireland 0345 300 3737 (24 hrs) 

From the Republic of Ireland 1 800 200 374 (Free phone) 

Email: services@mariestopes.org.uk

Request us to call you back: via our confidential online webform

Opening Hours  
Thursday 09:00 - 18:00
Friday 09:00 - 18:00

Treatment times may occasionally differ from opening times.  Call us anytime if you need clarification.

Abortion and the Law in Northern Ireland at Marie Stopes UK Belfast clinic

Abortion and the Law in Northern Ireland. 

Abortion eligibility criteria in Northern Ireland.

Medical abortion treatment in Belfast Northern Ireland

All abortion treatment in Northern Ireland depends on your medical assessment under Northern Irish Law which you can have face-to-face or over the phone. Once completed you will be informed about which treatment type (medical or surgical) you are eligible for in Belfast. 

What if I don’t qualify to receive medical abortion treatment in Northern Ireland?

If following your consultation, you are unable to access our services in Belfast, you may decide to travel to England to receive medical or surgical treatment in one of our centres in England. You can call Marie Stopes UK 24/7 on 00 44 345 300 3737 to make an appointment or find out more.  

Please note that we will need to complete a written consent before treatment if you were to receive treatment with Marie Stopes UK in Northern Ireland or in England.

Reduced Private Fees for Irish women

Find out about our fees for Irish women only. The fees page will give you more information about consultation fees, payment options and details as well as an exchange rate calculator. Please remember to bring a photo ID with you for your treatment if you are an Irish client. If you come without a photo ID we will not be able to see you.

Need to talk about your options with Marie Stopes UK?

Marie Stopes UK has been supporting Irish women for 40 years and our specialist staff are on hand 24/7 to offer expert advice and support – from your initial consultation to treatment aftercare.

Call us now on on 0345 300 3737 (from Northern Ireland) or 1 800 200 374 (Free phone from the Republic of Ireland) email services@mariestopes.org.uk  

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