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Who we are

We're the leading independent provider of sexual and reproductive health services in the UK.

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For professionals

Together we can deliver excellent reproductive care

Working together to provide high-quality reproductive health care.

We work closely with GPs and healthcare professionals all over England to ensure women and men have access to high-quality reproductive services.

We have been providing abortion care and vasectomy services on behalf of the NHS for more than 40 years. Every year we support more than 70,000 patients who are referred to us. As a leading reproductive health charity, we will continue to assess and adapt the way we work with GPs and health professionals like you to ensure the best possible working relationship.

About us

Working collaboratively with Marie Stopes UK

To ensure high-quality care for all women and men seeking reproductive services we work together with GPs and healthcare professionals across the country.


Referring your patients to us is quick and simple.

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Commissioning our services

Commissioning our services is a seamless process.

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Marie Stopes UK is a registered charity and we are committed to offering the best services for our clients and our NHS commissioners.

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