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This calculator has been designed to give you an idea of the treatment options available to you*. If you decide to have an abortion with Marie Stopes UK, one of our nurses will give a more approximate gestation date during your appointment by way of a scan.
*Please note that this online calculator will only give you an estimated gestation based on the details you have provided.

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Am I suitable for a vasectomy?

Vasectomy is a permanent form of contraception and it is essential you give serious thought to this permanent solution. Marie Stopes UK will consider any man for treatment, regardless of whether he is married or single, or has had children or not.

Things to consider before a vasectomy

If you think you may want children in the future, you really should not choose sterilisation. Alternative method of contraception include condoms, or for a female partner, the pill, injections, implants and the IUD (coil). Read about the other options

If you are unsure you can access Counselling to help you reach a decision. We advise that anyone under the age of 25 has counselling before having a vasectomy. 


Unlike condoms, male sterilisation offers no protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).


The incidence of infection is rare. However, it is always a possibility after any surgery but is easily resolved with antibiotics from your doctor.

A very small number of men (1 in 2000) have been known to experience long term testicular pain following a vasectomy, which may require follow-up treatment.


There will be a short recovery time after the procedure, during which we advise you follow our vasectomy aftercare advice. You'll need to care for your wound and refrain from strenuous physical activity for at least two weeks.


You'll need to continue using contraception after your operation until you have carried out semen sample testing at 16 and 18 weeks after your treatment (kits will be provided) and Marie Stopes UK has given you the all-clear. If you have any questions about vasectomy or your aftercare, please call our 24 hour helpline 0345 300 0212.

Your partner

Your partner’s consent to your sterilisation is not legally required but we feel it is preferable to discuss your decision with your permanent partner if you have one. Your partner can attend a consultation with you if you wish but again this is not essential.

Medical conditions

If you want to have a vasectomy with Marie Stopes UK, there may be some medical conditions that we will consider during your consultation for your procedure or onward referral. This includes conditions such as:

  • Heart disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Sickle Cell Anaemia
  • High blood pressure
  • Anaemia
  • Hepatitis (jaundice)
  • Current use of anticoagulants
  • Drug allergies
  • Problems associated with local anaesthetic

We also need to know if you have had or plan to have any of the following:

  • Previous surgery on your testicles
  • Any hernia repair
  • Body piercing
  • Metal plates or pins inside your body 
  • Any dental or surgical treatment booked 6 weeks either side of your treatment appointment
  • Scar tissue from these procedures may make it a little more complicated to perform

Please note: Once your medical history assessment has taken place you may be asked to attend a different centre other than your local one. This is to ensure that you receive the highest standard of care according to your medical history as client care is our priority. This will be discussed with you prior to your Vasectomy appointment and all treatment is subject to a final assessment on the day by the surgeon.

Need to talk about your options with Marie Stopes UK?

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