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A client from Bristol shares her story

18 January 2018 Case study

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    "I had a medical abortion and wanted to share my experience, as many of the stories online are quite scary and I found my experience very unlike any of the stories I found."

    "I found out quite early that I was pregnant and was not in a position to keep it. So I made a decision and contacted my doctors, who told me how to get in touch with Marie Stopes.

    "The first phone call was very professional letting me know what choices I have, and that is when I opted for a medical abortion. However, when I started researching I was quite unsure of the reactions my body would have, as I am one those people who hates vomiting and being unwell. 

    "I had my first appointment in Bristol and although there was a long wait, it was well worth it.


    My nurse was superb, explaining everything and taking things slowly when I was unsure or needed to ask questions.


    "After being asked if I'm very sure of what I wanted to do, I was given my first lot of pills and also an anti-sickness medication, which worked brilliantly. On my second visit I saw a different nurse who was just as good and professional as the first, explaining everything again, and after the second lot of pills I was sent home to rest and recover from what I was sure was going to be a horrific experience.

    "To be honest there was not much between what happened to me and a heavy period. I was so worried, and ready to be unwell and sick and bed-ridden...but with the pills and pain relief given by nurses it was nothing like what I was expecting. I was a little uncomfortable but nothing too bad.

    Although I'm aware many women experience different symptoms, I was quite happy with my decision and would recommend Marie Stopes to anyone.
    Client from Bristol

    "Although I'm aware many women experience different symptoms, I was quite happy with my decision and result, and would recommend Marie Stopes to anyone in an unsure situation.

    "They are completely professional, non-judgmental, very caring, and always there for you - and I would like to thank them for helping me through this procedure.

    "I also want to let women know that there are choices, and they are not as horrific as some of the online stories would have you believe. I hope this story can help others with the decisions they're making."