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Our Response to the Daily Mail article (12th August)

Media Statement and Fact Check 

On 12th August, The Daily Mail published an article on Marie Stopes UK’s most recent Care Quality Commission (CQC) report. Our statement on the report is below, along with further context to some of the claims made in the article.

Media Statement

Sally Bassett, Marie Stopes UK’s acting managing director said: 

“We have been working hard to address the concerns raised by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and we are very pleased that they have recognised the significant progress we have made.

“We are not complacent and we will continue learning and striving to give women the very best of care, but our staff should be proud of everything they have achieved. We have come such a long way over the last year, including in the four months since the most recent inspection, and the CQC's input has been invaluable during this time.

“We always aim to provide high quality and compassionate services for the women who need them and we are committed to getting this absolutely right for the 70,000 women and men we treat every year.”

Fact Check

"Nearly 400 botched abortions were carried out in two months.”

This relates to 373 women who required additional treatment after an abortion procedure at Marie Stopes UK clinics in January and February 2017. No method of abortion is 100% effective all of the time, and a small number of women require further treatment after a procedure. It is wrong and misleading to say these abortions are “botched”.

"Eleven patients were taken to hospital between October and December 2016.”

Abortion is low-risk but a small minority of women experience complications during the procedure. If we have any concerns that a woman using our services may be experiencing complications, we refer her quickly to the nearest hospital service for further assessment and treatment where necessary. Between October and December 2016, we referred eleven of our clients to the hospital service. This represented around 0.08% of the women who used our services in that period.
"A nurse at a Manchester clinic had no registration.”

The team member in question is a registered nurse, with 15 years’ experience. The incident relates to when the team member’s nursing pin required renewal. The team member did not work in any of our clinics whilst the renewal was processing. Since this incident, we have put measures in place to ensure our nurses are alerted when they have an upcoming renewal.
"No system for checking nurses’ performance.”

While we are confident in the performance of our nurses, we know the system we use to monitor their performance has not been as robust as it might be. This is something we are working to address as a priority.

"Staff in Essex ignored advice from inspectors to be trained about female genital mutilation, child sexual exploitation, and anti-radicalisation schemes.”

Since our self-suspension in 2016, we have continued to roll out a programme of staff training across our organisation. This programme is ongoing, and we are working closely with the CQC to ensure all staff have the training required for their roles.

"A new managing director left just two months after starting in January.”

Marie Stopes UK’s Managing Director stepped down for personal reasons. A new Managing Director has been appointed and will take up the post in September. Chief Nurse Sally Bassett has stepped up as acting Managing Director in the interim.

"Key jobs in infection control, safety and medical director left unfilled.”

Since the CQC’s most recent inspection in February 2017, all of the roles identified in the report as vacant have been filled.

"No improved checks to combat risk of infection.”

Since this inspection took place in February, we have appointed an Infection Prevention & Control Lead, who has carried out an extensive overhaul of the infection prevention & control processes across all clinics. We have been working closely with the CQC to assure them of our progress in this area.

"Delays of up to a month in providing abortions.”

This relates to a period in January and February 2017, when all UK abortion services were facing unprecedented demand and women were required to wait longer than usual for an appointment.

"Staff not trained to identify complications in scans.”

Since the inspection took place in February, we have increased our scan training for nurses. We are also working with Southbank University to design a new advanced programme of scan training specifically for nurses working in reproductive health services.

Notes to Editors

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Email: press@mariestopes.org

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