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Abortion Law in Northern Ireland

Abortion is legal in Northern Ireland under strict criteria. The majority of women living in Northern Ireland seeking abortion treatment will travel to England.

What is the law on abortion in Northern Ireland?

Abortion is defined as “unlawful” in Northern Ireland. The 1861 Offences Against the Person Act provides the foundation for Northern Ireland’s abortion laws. It became law on 1 November 1861 and remains in force throughout the UK today.

• The 1945 Criminal Justice (Northern Ireland) Act

The 1861 act was modified in Great Britain by the 1929 Infant Life (Preservation) Act, subsequently enacted in Northern Ireland in 1945 as the Criminal Justice (Northern Ireland) Act. This act allows the abortion of a “child capable of being born alive” only where the mother’s life would otherwise be put at risk. Because of the reference to a “child capable of being born alive”, it was generally assumed that this act focused on abortion after the 28th week of pregnancy. Confusion therefore arose as to whether it was legal or illegal to perform a similar abortion in the first 27 weeks of pregnancy.

 • The ‘Bourne Judgement’ of 1938 In England

In 1938, Dr Alex Bourne performed an abortion on a 14 year old who had been raped. He deliberately challenged the law in order to clarify the legal position and in the subsequent trial, brought evidence that if the young woman had been forced to continue with the pregnancy, she would have become a mental and physical wreck. Dr Bourne was acquitted and the judgement passed into English case law, thus extending the grounds for a lawful abortion to include risk to the physical and mental wellbeing of the mother. There were no further changes to the law until the 1967 Abortion Act was introduced in England, Wales and Scotland, but this act does not extend to Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland Abortion Criteria 

Law on abortion in England 

Funded care

The UK Government have committed to cover the cost of abortion care for women travelling to England from Northern Ireland. Find out more here. 

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Disclaimer: The Information on this page was sourced from the ifpa.org.uk