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Resources - NHS Abortion

98% of Marie Stopes abortions in the UK are funded by the NHS.

Can I get an abortion on the NHS?

98% of Marie Stopes abortions in the UK are funded by the NHS. This means that there will be no cost to you for your abortion.

Abortions can only be carried out under the care of a licensed clinic like Marie Stopes UK or a NHS hospital. Get in touch with our advice line: we can offer you a phone consultation appointment in 48 hours.

Contact us

How to get NHS funded abortion care:


You can self-refer by contacting us directly on 0345 300 8090

Ask your GP

You can speak to your GP and ask for a referral to Marie Stopes UK

Ask your sexual health clinic

You can contact a sexual health clinic and ask for a referral to Marie Stopes UK

Our waiting times

Waiting times can vary, but we will always aim to get you an appointment within 2 weeks. Our phone consultation appointments are available in 48 hours.

Why should I choose to have an NHS funded abortion?

We know that making the decision to have an abortion is not an easy decision to make and choosing this option takes away the financial pressure of this decision.

Here at Marie Stopes UK, we want to make sure that access to free and safe abortion is available to all women who are eligible for NHS funded care.  By us supporting you to choose this option, we are working in partnership with you to ensure that you remain healthy during your childbearing years. Our mission supports you to have children by choice, not by chance.

We appreciate that there are times when you need to talk through your pregnancy options, and we have a counselling team who can sure that you feel supported every step of the way. This service is included within the NHS funding for abortion care.

Contact us What are my pregnancy options?

What are the treatment options?

We offer a range of abortion care services and aftercare support through our network of Marie Stopes UK clinics.

  • Medical Abortion: we offer Early Medical Abortion with Remote Consultation (Telemedicine), or with face-to-face care. This is the safest option up to 10 weeks gestation. 
  • Surgical Abortion: we offer surgical abortions up to 23 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy. The type of surgical abortion procedure we offer you will depend on how many weeks you have been pregnant and your medical history.
Online Medical Abortion Surgical abortion

What if I don’t qualify for NHS funding?

While abortion care is not available on the NHS for women in Northern Ireland, in June 2017 the UK Government announced they would commit to cover the cost of abortion care for women from Northern Ireland who are treated in England.
Read our Travelling from Nothern Ireland page to find out more
If you’re not eligible for NHS funding, we also provide private abortion treatment.
You can pay in cash (pound sterling or euros) or by credit/debit card – and you’ll need to make the payment in person when you come to your appointment. If someone else is paying for you by card, they’ll need to come too.

If you think you’ll have any difficulty paying for your abortion, please call us to discuss this before your appointment.

Travelling from Northern Ireland Private Abortion Fees

NHS Abortion FAQs

We have collected some frequently asked questions about how to get an abortion on the NHS. Remember you can always get in touch with us to ask yours. We are here for you. 

Is abortion counselling available?

Yes, counselling is optional as part of our abortion care for most clients, and all NHS clients are entitled to free counselling sessions before, or any time after, treatment. If you are under 16 years old you will be required to speak to a counsellor about your decision.

If I choose to have an abortion through the NHS, what is included?

Providing that your pregnancy is less than 24 weeks, we can provide you with a NHS funded abortion. The package of care which you will receive will include:

  • Access to our 24/7 call centre to book your appointments
  • Initial telephone consultation with our dedicated health advisors
  • Telephone or face to face consultation with a member of our nursing and midwifery team
  • A choice of over 60 locations for treatment
  • Early Medical Abortion pills if your pregnancy is less that 10 weeks. These can be provided through our telemedicine service or during a face to face consultation
  • Surgical Abortion (including anaesthetic) at one of our specialist centres
  • Testing for common sexually transmitted infections
  • An opportunity to access telephone or face to face counselling services to ensure you feel supported.
  • Access to a wide range of contraception options.
  • A dedicated 24/7 telephone advice line where you can speak with a member of our nursing and midwifery team.
  • Free pregnancy testing following your abortion treatment
  • Comprehensive follow up for any post treatment queries, either over the telephone or face to face at a specialist clinic.

Can I get an abortion on the NHS if I am under 18?

Young women, under the age of 18, can access an abortion through the NHS at no cost. We will always encourage young women to talk with their friends and family about the decision to have a termination, but we acknowledge that sometimes, this may not be possible for a number of reasons.
Each young person, will be supported to access the wide range of services that we offer, including counselling. We will not need to share information about your care with your parents, your GP or external agencies unless we were concerned about your safety.

Is there a limit on the number of NHS abortions that I can have?

There is no limit on the number of abortions that you can have through the NHS. Women have a wide range of reasons for seeking an abortion and at Marie Stopes UK, you will receive the same standard of care whether it is your first abortion, or you have been to our clinics several times.
We would, however, recommend that you consider using a long acting reversible contraception method following your treatment and this will be discussed with you by our knowledgeable nursing and midwifery team. Of course, contraception will always be your choice and we will not force you to leave our centres with something that you did not want. In most cases, contraception can be provided free of charge at the time of your abortion treatment.