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This calculator has been designed to give you an idea of the treatment options available to you*. If you decide to have an abortion with Marie Stopes UK, one of our nurses will give a more approximate gestation date during your appointment by way of a scan.
*Please note that this online calculator will only give you an estimated gestation based on the details you have provided.

Please select the first day of your last menstrual period.



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Contraception advice after abortion

It's important to use contraception after your abortion to prevent any future unintended pregnancies.

We can provide contraception for women who are having their abortions through the NHS.

Here are some common questions and answers about contraception use after abortion.

Which contraception is right for me? We can arrange for you to have a consultation with a contraceptive nurse to discuss your options, or you can discuss options with your GP or local contraception and sexual health clinic. We have a private contraceptive service also where you can have a full contraceptive consultation with a doctor. Alternatively, read about the various methods available or use our contraception tool.

Will my contracption work immediately after abortion? The implant, contraceptive injection and coil are all effective immediately. However, we recommend no sexual intercourse for two weeks after abortion to help minimise the risk of infection.

When should I take my contraceptive pill? You should start taking your contraceptive pill the day after your termination. You'll be fully protected 14 days after treatment and able to have sexual intercourse. Find out more infomation about how to take the combined pill or progesterone only pill.

How soon after an abortion can I fall pregnant? Your fertility returns immediately after a termination, so it's possible to fall pregnant straight away. If you're trying to conceive, it's advisable to follow the NHS recommendations for a healthy pregnancy.

Is my method of contraception making me bleed? After a termination, some women can bleed on an off for several weeks. If you are still bleeding after 8 weeks, and you are using the implant, contraceptive injection, progesterone-only pill (mini pill) or mirena coil, then it might be that contraception is the cause. For most women this temporary side effect will settle, either on its own or with medication. Please call our helpline on 0345 122 1441 to discuss your options with a nurse. 

I haven’t had a period yet – do I need to use contraception? You fertility returns to normal and you can become pregnant immediately after having a termination, therefore it's important to start contraception as soon as possible. If you didn't receive contraception from the clinic, please contact your GP or local contraception and sexual health clinic for advice.