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This calculator has been designed to give you an idea of the treatment options available to you*. If you decide to have an abortion with Marie Stopes UK, one of our nurses will give a more approximate gestation date during your appointment by way of a scan.
*Please note that this online calculator will only give you an estimated gestation based on the details you have provided.

Please select the first day of your last menstrual period.



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How will I take the medical abortion pills?

The medical abortion pills (mifepristone and misoprostol) and can either be taken during the same appointment or across two separate appointments.

Your first appointment

During your first appointment with Marie Stopes UK, you'll have a consultation with our team who will explain the medical abortion process with you.

They will also:

  • Perform an ultrasound scan to confirm the pregnancy is inside the uterus and how many weeks pregnant you are
  • Perform routine checks such as blood pressure and pulse rate
  • Complete a finger prick blood test to check which blood group you are
  • Take you through our consent process
  • Offer you tests for sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia or HIV
  • Discuss contraception with you

The first tablet: Mifepristone

You'll be given your first tablet (mifepristone) to swallow with a glass of water. 

The second set of tablets: Misoprostol

Misoprostol will either be taken on the same day as mifepristone, or on another day.

Taken on the same day (6-hour interval or taken together)

The second set of tablets, misoprostol, will be inserted into the vagina and left to dissolve and absorb. You will insert the misoprostol tablets into your vagina yourself, and there will be instructions to guide you. It will be fully explained by a nurse during your appointment. This can be administered at the same time as you're given mifepristone, or at an appointment 6 hours later. This option may be available if you have been pregant for less than 9 weeks at the time of your appointment. 

Call us on 0345 300 8090 to find out if this type of appointment is available in your area. 

Find out more about possible complications and risks associated with this treatment here. 

Taken 24, 48 or 72 hours later

You will be given misoprostol tablets to dissolve in your mouth between your cheek and gums for 30 minutes. After this time, anything left in the mouth may be swallowed with a drink. If you have any questions or concerns - please call our 24-hour aftercare helpline on 0345 122 1441

Find out more about possible complications and risks associated with this treatment here. 

You may also be given

  • A painkiller if you've not taken any before you arrive at the centre
  • An anti-sickness tablet
  • Two antibiotic tablets (Metronidazole) to prevent infection
  • A further 4 antibiotic tablets (Azithromycin) to take home, again to prevent any infections. You’ll need to take these either later that day or the next day

What to expect after misoprostol

The abortion will usually begin within 2 - 5 hours, but there is a chance that it could start sooner. The abortion is usually fully completed within 1 - 2 days. Very occasionally, it can take up to 2 weeks to pass the pregnancy. If you have not started to bleed within 48 hours of taking misoprostol, please call our aftercare nurses.

You may experience strong cramping which can last a few hours. We will advise you on when to take further pain relief at your appointment.

You may experience heavy bleeding for a few hours. During this time it would be expected for you to pass the pregnancy tissue and blood clots that range in size from small (size of a pound coin) to quite large (size of a lemon) – this is a normal part of the abortion process. Many women find it easier to have a private toilet nearby; often the pregnancy is passed in the toilet between 4 – 5 hours after inserting misoprostol into the vagina. 

Once the pregnancy has been passed, your bleeding will usually lessen and become like a heavy period. It may continue to be quite heavy for a day or two as the uterus needs to contract and return to its normal size.

If at any time you're concerned about symptoms you're experiencing, please call our 24-hour telephone advice line on 0345 122 1441 for advice.

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