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This calculator has been designed to give you an idea of the treatment options available to you*. If you decide to have an abortion with Marie Stopes UK, one of our nurses will give a more approximate gestation date during your appointment by way of a scan.
*Please note that this online calculator will only give you an estimated gestation based on the details you have provided.

Please select the first day of your last menstrual period.



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Smear Test at Marie Stopes UK

Marie Stopes UK offers a private cervical screening service for women of all ages - including those under 25 - with a minimum waiting time for appointments.

Although most cases of cervical cancer happen in women between the ages of 30 and 45, some women can develop it earlier. Marie Stopes UK is committed to helping women under 25 access cervical screening treatment which is not available on the NHS.

Smear test for women under 25 at Marie Stopes UK

At Marie Stopes UK, we offer cervical screening from the age of 18, or 2 years after you've had sex for the first time. We also offer HPV screening and can advise you on further treatment if needed.

What is a cervical smear test or cervical screening?

A cervical screening test (or smear test) is a method of detecting abnormal cells on the cervix. This can prevent cervical cancer as these abnormal cells can be treated early.

What does a smear test involve?

The test usually takes just 5-10 minutes and involves a speculum (an instrument) being inserted gently into the vagina to hold the vaginal walls open. The doctor/nurse can then use a small brush to take some cells from the surface of the cervix.

The sample is then sent to the laboratory to see whether any cells are abnormal. The results can take up to two weeks, and we can call you email or write with your results according to your preference. We can then advise on follow-up and refer to colposcopy if necessary.

Want more information about cervical screening?

Our specialist staff are on hand 24/7 to offer expert advice and support – from your initial consultation to treatment aftercare. 

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